Complete SFB Hosted
Solution with PSTN connectivity

Improve your business with Global UC hosted Skype for business - A fast, reliable and smart collaboration system.

Global UC offers complete Skype for Business hosted solution integrated with PSTN Calling for Inbound and outbound. Due to integration of PSTN with SFB or Microsoft Team, it has now become a two-way affair unlike the traditional VOIP systems. Now it is possible for anyone you like to join your SFB hosted conference calling from a landline or PSTN number. On the top, we provide you the best cloud based hosted solutions based on our exclusive partnership with Microsoft.
Global UC allows enterprises to collaborate with the key demographics despite geographical distances and establish effective communication with associates, partners, investors and millions of customers all across globe at lower costs and excellent results.
Strategic use of Global UC derives unprecedented business growth with improved prodcutivity, cost reduction and effective customer facing processes such as service, collections, sales etc. and streamlines them to achieve higher business growth.

Work your way; Move forward...

Intelligent Communication Delivered

Global UC provides support for all your enterprise calling needs, seamlessly blending Skype for Business and PSTN telephony so that you get the best service for the best price advantage. We deliver you nothing but the best.

  • Customised solution suitable for enterprise customers from SMEs and Large Enterprises to ready to use service with the SaaS model.
  • Fully DR-hosted systems with outbound calling to over 9000 destinations around the globe.
  • Efficiently optimised plans and processes to give the best service at the most cost effective way.

Built on Years of

Built around Microsoft practical guidance, we assure you of the best enterprise communication system integration. We server as your single point of contact for deploying and maintaining your Skype for Business Hosted Solution.

  • PSTN network that includes interconnect with Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 telecommunication providers across the world.
  • Complete replacement solution of your existing traditional PBX in multi locational setups.
  • Over 15 years of telecom experience selectively in LCR or QBR based models.

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