Integrated Billing

Customised real-time billing engine tightly integrated into conferencing as per the need and suitability of our clients

Global UC Conference modules are fully integrated into real-time VoIP Billing engine. There are different billings mechanism applicable depending upon the nature of the plan you have opted for - Unlimited, “Pay-as-you-Go” and combination of the both. The billing engine automatically identifies which plan is assigned to a client’s account, the rate applied for the calls according to the location/geographical region. It lucidly adjusts all the benefits and freebees applied for the client in particular. At last, what you receive is a clear, detailed and justified billing for the service we have rendered for the duration.

Integrated Billing System

  • Unlimited, “Pay-as-you-Go” and combination of the both
  • Entire cloud services be it CCE (Cloud Connector Edition) or fully hosted cloud services comes with our integrated billing system.
  • Can be customised as per the need and suitability of each customer as per pre-defined or unlimited credit based billing with monthly invoices or usages.
  • Also includes the Toll Free based billing for inbound calls with Toll Free numbers for Company Board.